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CloneSelector 3.0 Users guide Sweetpotato

CloneSelector is a tool developed to help plant breeder carry out field trials, analyze the results and make selection decisions. In version 2.0 the functionality is focused on the process of carrying out a trial to test a list of germplasm, and it may help you in the following task:

  1. Elaborate list of germplasm to test
  2. Design of field trial with one or more experiments
  3. Generation of a field book for each experiment
  4. Register metadata for each experiment
  5. Data collection in field and post harvest for each entry
  6. Enter collected data into electronic field book
  7. Calculation of derived variables (yield/ha etc)
  8. Statistical analysis of trial
  9. Elaboration of consolidated result table for each trial
  10. For multi environment trial you may in addition:

                     a. Create a consolidated data set across multiple environments

                     b. Analyze each trait with advanced statistical methods

                     c. Create a consolidated result sheet

                     d. Generate selection indexes and rank in accordance with breeding objectives

The CloneSelector is based on the Maize Fieldbook developed by CIMMYT, and this tool has many additional functions especially related to seed management. For clonally propagated crops this functionality is not adequate and it has been eliminated in CloneSelector, however, for seed based crops it might be better to use the original Maize Fieldbook, which is available at CIMMYT. The current version of CloneSelector is targeted at sweetpotato and potato, but it can be used for any crop as long as the trial template is adapted to include the relevant traits.