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Healthy Eating for mother, babies and children

These cards are designed for health workers to use when counselling pregnant women during antenatal clinic visits and mothers of newborns during postnatal clinic visits. The cards focus on key messages concerning women’s nutrition and care during pregnancy and breastfeeding and how best to look after and feed their babies. On each clinic visit, one or more cards, depending on the time available to health workers, can be used to provide effective counselling to mothers. The cover card can be used to start the counselling session and highlight the importance of all family members eating well. Community health workers and other peer educators can also use the cards to support individual and group discussions on pregnancy, breastfeeding and infant feeding.

Authors: PATH, International Potato Center , PATH, International Potato Center

Subjects: Nutrition education

Pages: 11

Publisher: PATH

Publication Date: 2010

Rights: PATH

Keywords: Demand creation, Nutrition education, Nutrition value of OFSP


Program for appropriate technology in health (PATH) (2010) Healthy eating for mothers, babies and children. International potato centre (CIP).