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Delivering and Disseminating Biofortified Crops in Uganda: Quarterly Report July–September 2013

During this reporting period, MAK has continued conserving in vitro plantlets of three OSP varieties (Kabode, Vita and Ejumula) as backup for NaCRRI and BioCrops. BioCrops has since January 2013 delivered 33,200 vines (13,600 of Ejumula, 11,600 of Kabode and 8,000 of Vita) to CIP and vine multipliers. CIP in collaboration with the National Crops Resources Research Institute (NaCRRI) of the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) planted 28 on-farm trials at Oyam, Buyende and Rakai. The trials were setup with eight OSP clones, Ejumula(OP)2012/3, Ejumula(OP)2012/11, Ejumula(OP)2012/9, Ejumula(OP)2012/10, Resisto (OP)2012/1, SPK004/2006/1136, NASPOT7/2006/292 and NASPOT 10 O (common check). CIP also harvested and planted trials for clean vs farmer materials in Mukono, Kamuli, Buyende and Rakai districts. Generally Ejumula farmer material was almost five times more infected by sweetpotato virus disease (SPVD) than Biocrops first cycle material. Biocrops re-cycle 1 Kabode material was as less infected as Biocrops first cycle material but Ejumula Biocrops recycle 1 was more infected than Biocrops first cycle material. Generally SPVD infection levels were higher in Mukono than Kamuli and Buyende districts for both varieties. On average, Ejumula from BioCrops yielded three times better than farmer material while Kabode from BioCrops yielded 2.3 times better than farmer material. CIP also set up post-harvest experiments in Masaka and Rakai. The experiments will run for the next three months.

Authors: Robert Mwanga, Gerald kyalo, Jan W. Low, Gorrettie Ssemakula, M. Ssetumba, Sam Namanda, Simon Heck, David Talengera, Robert Mwanga, Gerald kyalo, Jan W. Low, Gorrettie Ssemakula, M. Ssetumba, Sam Namanda, Simon Heck, David Talengera

Contributors: Administrator, Administrator

Subjects: Biofortification

Pages: 23

Publisher: International Potato Center

Publication Date: 2016

Keywords: Biofortification, Biofortified crops, Delivering and Disseminating, Uganda