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DVM Mapping and Monitoring Tool

One of the strategies employed to improve access to clean planting OFSP vines is through establishment of multipliers closest to farmers. These multipliers, often referred to as Decentralized Vine Multipliers (DVMs) receive training on sweetpotato agronomy and other important aspects of OFSP production and dissemination. The DVMs are then expected to pass on this information to farmers obtaining OFSP vines from their farms. Many OFSP promotion projects setup their DVMs so that they have ready OFSP vines by the start of the planting season for dissemination to farmers.

Examples of two monitoring tools used in the management of DVMs are described below. These are the DVM registration and DVM monitoring forms. These tools are only available in Open Data Kit (ODK) compatible format. ODK is an open source suite of technologies that enables users to build data collection forms, collect data using Android mobile devices and send it to a server via the internet.