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Early Maturing Sweetpotato DataBase 20170915

Database for early bulking (the <100-day sweetpotato): Early bulking: Information for 49 early bulking released / launched varieties were uploaded in a database on the “sweetpotato knowledge portal”. Early maturing (time from planting to harvest of 2.5 to 3.5 months) is a sweetpotato attribute to be found across all sweetpotato production zones: Arid Pacific Coast (1 variety), Humid Tropics of the Amazon Basin (2 varieties), Humid tropics of South Asia (7 varieties), Indian Sub-Continent (8 varieties), Temperate West Pacific (7 varieties), West Africa (2 varieties), East Africa (9 varieties), and semi-arid southern Africa (12 varieties). The database has reporting gaps for South East Asia, but recent information claims that selection for 90 days OFSP clones for variety release was very promising in Indonesia. Certainly the attribute 90 days to harvest is an attribute relatively easy to incorporate into OFSP breeding populations (so far not emphasized by project funding). Early maturing OFSP varieties for the humid tropics is considered to be a funding opportunity with low risk of failure.

Authors: Wolfgang Gruneberg

Contributors: Raul Eyzaguirre,

Subjects: Early maturing, database

Pages: 1

Publication Date: October 10, 2017

Identifier: Early maturing, database