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Engendered Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato Project Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation volume 5

Volume 5 of this learning kit is composed of Session 14 and Annexes 1 and 2.

Session 14. Workshop evaluation and Participant Action Plan Approach (PAPA)
This session guides the user on how to evaluate the entire workshop and how to undertake the PAPA – Second Phase. In summary, this session is composed of two very important final activities.
(1) Workshop evaluation has been undertaken as a (a) systematic feedback of the sessions to follow up the participants’ views and level of satisfaction during the implementation of the workshop and at this stage, and (b) at the end of the workshop which is presented in this session. This session of the learning kit offers a longer and more complete evaluation form to collect information on the efficiency and effectiveness of the workshop. This will assist the facilitator in the post improvement of the learning plans for future events as well as to measure the level of satisfaction among the participants related to the workshop content, processes, and the venue and facilities where the workshop took place.
(2) Participant Action Plan Approach (PAPA). This process is exhaustively presented in Volume 1 Session 1 since it is a key tool to measure the workshop efficiency and effectiveness through the participants’ performance improvement in their organizations. This process provides the facilitators with the opportunity to follow up the implementation of the newly developed skills by the participants after returning to their own organizations.
Annex 1 and Annex 2 Annex 1 is composed of support materials that help the workshop leading facilitator to implement the learning plan presented in this learning kit. This Annex 1 suggests: (a) Welcome letter for the participant’s binder, (b) Registration form, (c) Exercise 1 interactive exercise, and (d) a sample of tentative schedule to serve as a ‘model’ for the facilitators to design their own to respond to the needs of the workshop participants. Annex 2 presents additional texts to enrich the facilitator’s competence and attitudes to deliver the workshop based on this learning kit. They are as follows: Annex A. Mainstreaming gender in project planning and management Annex B. Managing time and tasks Annex C. Cascading logic Annex D. Organization learning and learning organization Annex E. Project financing and budget

Authors: Adiel Mbabu, Hilda Munyua, Mulongo, Frank Ojwang, Jan W. Low

Subjects: OFSP

Pages: 105

Publisher: International Potato Center

Publication Date: August 14, 2014

Identifier: ISBN: 978-92-9060-443-3


Mbabu, A. N., Z. P. França, G. Mulongo, H. Munyua, F. Ojwang, and J. W. Low. Engendered Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato Project Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation: A Learning Kit.: Workshop Evaluation, PAPA and Annexes. International Potato Center.