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Evaluation of 64 Clones selected from Advanced Yield Trials established between 2005/06 and 2009/10 in Maputo, Gaza, Zambezia and Tete

The present report describes the selection of the final best 15 clones from the multi-location trials of 64 clones conducted in Umbelúzi, Chókwè, Gurué, and Angónia for release. The primary objective of these trials was to select clones with deep orange flesh storage roots, good dry matter content/taste, tolerance to drought, good yield, and disease and pest tolerance with potential to be used across different sites/regions in Mozambique.

Authors: , Abilio Alvaro, S. Moniz, E. Sitoe, Wolfgang Gruneberg, Abdul Taiobo A. Naico, Jose, , Abilio Alvaro, S. Moniz, E. Sitoe, Wolfgang Gruneberg, Abdul Taiobo A. Naico, Jose

Contributors: ,

Subjects: Evaluation of sweetpotato clones

Pages: 73

Publisher: IIAM / International Potato Center (CIP)

Publication Date: 2010

Keywords: Disease tolerance, Drought tolerance, Dry matter content, Mozambique, Pest tolerance, sweetpotato germplasm, Sweetpotato root yield


Andrade, M.I., Naico, A., Ricardo, J., Alvaro, A., Moniz, S., Sitoe, E. and Gruneberg, W., 2010. EVALUATION OF 64 CLONES SELECTED FROM ADVANCED YIELD TRIALS ESTABLISHED BETWEEN 2005/06 AND 2009/10 IN MAPUTO, GAZA, ZAMBÉZIA, AND TETE. Report Submitted to the Varietal Release Committee. Maputo: Instituto de Investigaçao Agrária de Mocambique (IIAM) in Collaboration with the International Potato Center (CIP).