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Evaluation of Impact of Project Intervention INCOPA / ADERSE in Huanuco

This study is a joint initiative of INCOPA, PAPA ANDINA (another project of the International Potato Center associated with INCOPA) and ADERSE, and leaned on a consulting job for execution. Its kind of ex – post, qualitative and quantitative, and uses several methodologies for collecting and analyzing information. Has three points of comparison to test changes and differences: secondary data, perception of farmers participating in the time of the survey and 5 years ago, and a comparison group. Six questions were raised and five research hypotheses to guide the study.

Authors: Brenda Bucheli , Miguel Ordinola, Ivonne Antezana, Luis Maldonado, Celfia Obregon, Brenda Bucheli , Miguel Ordinola, Ivonne Antezana, Luis Maldonado, Celfia Obregon

Subjects: Impact assessment

Pages: 94

Publisher: International Potato Center

Publication Date: 2009

Keywords: impact assessment


Bucheli, B. , Ordinola, M. , Antezana, I. , Maldonado, L., Obregón, C. 2009. Estudio de caso: Evaluación de impacto de la intervención del Proyecto INCOPA/ADERS en Huánuco. Centro Internacional de la Papa (CIP), Lima, Perú. Documento de Trabajo 2009-2. 89 p.