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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sweetpotato TOT Manual – Volume 5

This manual contains ‘Everything you ever wanted to know about sweetpotato’. We hope that it will be useful for those involved in training extensionists and NGO staff at different levels, and that they in turn will train farmers in practical ways that help them to build their problem solving and decisionmaking skills so they can continue to learn, question, test and address different opportunities and challenges relevant to their livelihoods.

This volume consists of 14 topics.

Topic 5 is on Sweetpotato Seed Systems. Further guidance on how to calculate planting material and enterprise financial analysis budget can be found at the online version of the Planting Material Calculator and the sweetpotato enterprise financial analysis budget calculation sheet links respectively.

Topic 8: ‘Harvesting and Postharvest Management’ details how poor harvesting techniques, storage and transport can damage sweetpotato roots and reduce their shelf-life and value. The topic also discusses good postharvest handling and storage practices to improve their quality, value and availability.

Topic 9: ‘Processing and Utilisation’ discusses different delicious, nutritious and potentially profitable food proudcts that can prepared from orange-fleshed sweetpotato, as well as animal feed.

Authors: Tanya Stathers, Aurelie Bechoff, Jan W. Low, Daniel Ndyetabula, [49], Tanya Stathers, Aurelie Bechoff, Jan W. Low, Daniel Ndyetabula, [49]

Contributors: Hilda Munyua, Hilda Munyua

Subjects: Value chain approach, Sweetpotato utilization

Pages: 95

Publisher: International Potato Center

Publication Date: 2013

Identifier: ISBN: 978-92-9060-427-3 DOI: 10.4160/9789290604273.v5

Rights: International Potato Center

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Harvesting, Marketing, Post-harvest handling, Processing, Sweetpotato utilization


Stathers, T., Bechoff, A., Sindi, K., Low, J., Ndyetabula, D. 2013. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sweetpotato: Reaching Agents of Change ToT Manual. 5: Harvesting and postharvest management, Processing and utilisation, Marketing and entrepreneurship. International Potato Center, Nairobi, Kenya. vol.5.