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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sweetpotato TOT Manual – Volume 2

This manual contains ‘Everything you ever wanted to know about sweetpotato’. We hope that it will be useful for those involved in training extensionists and NGO staff at different levels, and that they in turn will train farmers in practical ways that help them to build their problem solving and decisionmaking skills so they can continue to learn, question, test and address different opportunities and challenges relevant to their livelihoods. Volume 2 comprises of Topic 4: Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato and Nutrition, which provides an overview of food groups and good nutrition, consequences of poor nutrition and Vitamin A deficiency and use of conventional breeding to biofortify crops. The benefits of OFSP are discussed along with the complexities of creating demand for foods that address unrecognised nutritional problems like Vitamin A.

Authors: Tanya Stathers, H. Katcher, J. Blakenship, Jan W. Low, Benjamin Kivuva, Tanya Stathers, H. Katcher, J. Blakenship, Jan W. Low, Benjamin Kivuva

Subjects: OFSP and nutrition

Pages: 45

Publisher: International Potato Center

Publication Date: 2013

Identifier: ISBN: 978-92-9060-427-3 DOI: 10.4160/9789290604273.v2

Rights: International Potato Center

Keywords: Nutrition


Stathers, T., Benjamin, M., Katcher, H., Blakenship, J., Low, J. 2013. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sweetpotato: Reaching Agents of Change ToT Manual 2: Orangefleshed sweetpotato and nutrition. International Potato Center, Nairobi, Kenya. vol.2.