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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sweetpotato TOT Manual – Volume 4

prodproThis manual contains ‘Everything you ever wanted to know about sweetpotato’. We hope that it will be useful for those involved in training extensionists and NGO staff at different levels, and that they in turn will train farmers in practical ways that help them to build their problem solving and decisionmaking skills so they can continue to learn, question, test and address different opportunities and challenges relevant to their livelihoods. 

Volume 4 comprises two topics. Topic 6: ‘Sweetpotato Production and Management’ covers the importance of advanced planning to ensure sufficient planting materials are available at the start of the rains, land preparation, planting methods, intercropping, nutrients needs, the main growth stages and their associated management tasks. Topic 7: ‘Sweetpotato Pest and Disease Management’ explains how recognising the lifecycles of the damaging insect pests and diseases and viruses can help farmers learn how to manage them more successfully. The signs and management strategies for mole rats and erinose are also discussed.

Authors: Tanya Stathers, Sam Namanda, Ted Carey, Robert Mwanga, Jude Njoku, Richard Gibson, Tanya Stathers, Sam Namanda, Ted Carey, Robert Mwanga, Jude Njoku, Richard Gibson

Contributors: Hilda Munyua, Hilda Munyua

Subjects: Sweetpotato pests and diseases, sweetpotato production and management

Pages: 59

Publisher: International Potato Center

Publication Date: 2013

Identifier: ISBN: 978-92-9060-427-3 DOI: 10.4160/9789290604273.v4

Rights: International Potato Center

Keywords: Integrated crop management, Sweetpotato diseases, Sweetpotato pests, Sweetpotato production


Stathers, T., Carey, E., Mwanga, R., Njoku, J., Malinga, J., Njoku, A., Gibson, R., Namanda, S. 2013. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sweetpotato: Reaching Agents of Change ToT Manual. 4: Sweetpotato production and management; Sweetpotato pest and disease management. International Potato Center, Nairobi, Kenya. vol.4.