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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sweetpotato TOT Manual – Volume 6

This manual contains ‘Everything you ever wanted to know about sweetpotato’. We hope that it will be useful for those involved in training extensionists and NGO staff at different levels, and that they in turn will train farmers in practical ways that help them to build their problem solving and decisionmaking skills so they can continue to learn, question, test and address different opportunities and challenges relevant to their livelihoods. Volume 6 consists of two topics. Topic 11: ‘Gender and Diversity Aspects’discusses the importance of recognising gender and diversity issues in agriculture and sweetpotato systems. Best practice suggestions are made for how gender can be incorporated into sweetpotato programmes. Topic 12: ‘Monitoring of OFSP Dissemination and Uptake’ explains the reasons for monitoring and explains the differences between monitoring and evaluation. A range of tools and records for monitoring the dissemination, performance and use of sweetpotato planting materials is provided.


Authors: Tanya Stathers, Adiel Mbabu, Mulongo, Jan W. Low, Soniia David, Tanya Stathers, Adiel Mbabu, Mulongo, Jan W. Low, Soniia David

Contributors: Hilda Munyua, Hilda Munyua

Subjects: Gender and diversity; Monitoring OFSP dissemination

Pages: 53

Publisher: International Potato Center (CIP)

Publication Date: November 17, 2015

Identifier: ISBN: 978-92-9060-427-3; DOI: 10.4160/9789290604273.v6

Rights: International Potato Center (CIP)

Keywords: Gender, Monitoring and Evaluation, OFSP dissemination


Stathers, T. David, S., Low, J., Mulongo, G., Mbabu, A. 2013. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sweetpotato: Reaching Agents of Change ToT Manual. 6: Gender and diversity aspects, Monitoring of OFSP dissemination and uptake. International Potato Center, Nairobi, Kenya. vol.6.