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Farmers criteria for selection of sweetpotato varieties, results from Tanzania

This chapter describes two activities undertaken by the Tanzanian sweetpotato breeding programme. Firstly, surveys were undertaken between 1990 and 1995 to obtain information on practices and constraints relating to sweetpotato production and utilization, and to determine the main criteria by which farmers judge varieties. Secondly, the methods by which the breeding programme in Tanzania incorporated the opinions of farmers in the selection of new cultivars through the use of farmer groups and on-farm trials are described.

Authors: Regina Kaping, Simon Jeremiah, E.J. Rwiza, Debbie Rees, Regina Kaping, Simon Jeremiah, E.J. Rwiza, Debbie Rees

Contributors: Jens Riis-Jacobsen, Jens Riis-Jacobsen

Subjects: Farmers selection


Publisher: Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich

Publication Date: 2003

Rights: Permission for commercial reproduction should be sought from the Managing Editor University of Greenwich

Keywords: Farmer selection