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Farmers experiences in promoting sweetpotato production and productivity in Uganda: A case of Soroti Sweetpotato Producers and Processors Association (SOSPPA)

Soroti Sweetpotato Producers and Processors Association (SOSPPA) is community farmer-based initiative. Registered in 2006 as with the objective of integrating farmer training and commercial production vines and roots, and processing. It evolved from Abuket farmer facilitator association which was formed in 2004 by the sweetpotato farmer field school graduates with objective of promoting farmer to farmer training. SOSPPA is composed of members from 13 graduate Sweetpotato ICM FFS with adaptors. Elected executive committee serves a period of 3 years during the general assembly of representative members from the different FFS. Working committees include: training and publicity, production, processing/value addition, savings and credit, and marketing.