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SASHA Brief 2011: Addressing gender in SASHA

Women are at the center of agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa growing 50-60% 0f food crops. Urban migration, which is predominantly male, increases pressures on women, making them an even more critical part of food production system. Women are the gatekeepers of household nutrition and health – making them the vital link between improved agricultural production and improved well-being of children. Despite the predominant role of women in food and nutrition security in SSA, these fields remain dominated by men and they do not address the specific needs of women farmers, nor the crops they grow. Investing in sweetpotato has great potential to improve women’s incomes, and the nutrition and health of families as sweetpotato is traditionally a “woman’s crop” in SSA. By explicitly monitoring designs of surveys and our delivery system projects to ensure women’s needs were being sufficiently addressed and conducting complementary qualitative research, scientists and practitioners under SASHA have avoided costly errors and become more gender-aware.


Narayan, A. and Low, J. 2011. Addressing gender in SASHA. International Potato center (CIP).