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SPHI Brief 2011: Sweetpotato support platforms to build a community of practice

Among variety of crops in sub-Saharan Africa, under-investment is majorly experienced in sweetpotato production. The key bottlenecks to the full potential utilization of sweetpotato have been identified, and there is a dearth of researchers addressing those problems and development agents knowledgeable in good sweetpotato production and post-harvest management techniques. These researchers’ efforts need to be backed up with vibrant community of practice such as development of tools that will build synergy and avoid unnecessary duplication of effort. This brief outlines the objectives and achievements of sweetpotato support platforms (Uganda, Mozambique and Ghana) that sought to increase the breeding capacities for continuous production of SP with high yielding, disease-resistant, nutritious varieties adapted to local agro-climatic conditions and consumer preferences. Key to building a community of practice is to participate in shared learning experiences. Therefore, this project aims to raise the profile of vitamin A-rich sweetpotato through advocacy and integrate “everything you ever wanted to know about sweetpotato” training efforts into the platform agenda.

Authors: sweetpotato for profits and health initiative, sweetpotato for profits and health initiative

Contributors: Hilda Munyua, Hilda Munyua

Pages: 2

Publisher: International Potato Center

Publication Date: 2011

Rights: Open access

Keywords: Breeding, Community of practice, Consumer preferences, SPHI, Sweetpotato for Profit and Health initiative


sweetpotato for profits and health initiative, (SPHI). 2011. Sweetpotato support platforms to build a community of practice. International Potato Center (CIP).