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A Geo-Referenced Database of Global Sweetpotato Distribution

This document describes a geo-referenced database of the global distribution of sweetpotato. The database was assembled from many different national-level sources that varied in accuracy and detail. First, a map of relative within-country distribution was made for all countries with sweetpotato production. Administrative boundaries were used to delimit production zones, some of which were adapted based on other information. The proportion of national sweetpotato area was estimated for each zone using within-country statistical data, where available. Then, to create a database representative for one time period, the proportion of national sweetpotato area in each zone was multiplied by total national sweetpotato area for 1996–1998, as estimated by FAO.

Authors: Luisa Huaccho, Robert Hijmans, Luisa Huaccho, Robert Hijmans

Contributors: Karen Ayabei, Karen Ayabei

Subjects: Global Sweetpotato Distribution

Pages: 59

Publisher: International Potato Center

Publication Date: 2000

Keywords: Geo reference


Huaccho, L. and Hijmans, R.J. 2000. A Geo-Referenced Database of Global Sweetpotato Distribution. Production Systems and Natural Resource Management Department Working Paper No. 4. International Potato Center, Lima, Peru.