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Global Policymakers Commit to Scaling-Up Nutritious Foods to Reach Millions

Presents a press release on the 2nd Global Confernce on Biofortification ‘Getting Nutritious Foods to People,’ which was held in Kigali from March 31- April 2 2014. The conference was organized by HarvestPlus and the Government of Rwanda and more than 300 high-level policymakers and practitioners from different sectors attended the event. Global policymakers committed to making biofortified nutritious foods such as bean, sweet potato, cassava, maize, pearl millet, rice, and wheat (rich in vitamin A, zinc, and iron), more widely available in order to improve nutrition and health for millions of people around the world. The CGIAR announced that its research centers will start improving mineral and vitamin content across all conventional breeding programs for food crops. HarvestPlus announced that biofortified nutritious food crops have already reached more than one million farmers globally, and hoped to reach more than 100 million people suffering from malnutrition with biofortified crops by 2018 by forging new partnerships. In his video address, Dr. Bjorn Lomborg stated: “biofortification is one of the best ways to spend public money…every $1 invested in biofortification yields about $17 of good in the world.”