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Group Work Presentation 5: Harvesting Additional Outcomes

Objective: Each person to come up with at least 1 outcome (a skill/new idea/ approach) learnt from any of the five CoP components and has tried/experimented/applied in own work on seed systems (can also indicate if the testing etc. is on-going).


  1. Identify a moderator & rapporteur
  2. Each person to think & reflect on what they have learned and have tried/experimenting/applying in their work and identify that they can share in the group. Also indicate if you have noticed any changes from applying the skill/idea etc. –Five minutes
  3. Go round in the group and each persons shares what they learned and have tried/ experimented/applied
  4. Rapporteur to consolidate (typed)for presentation

Each to be precise on the source of the knowledge gained, e.g.:

  • Learning Journey: make sure you specify the LJ, the route & learning context (refer to the list of LJs;
  • F2F meetings or SGA: specify the meeting, its theme and the learning context
  • Online discussion: The discussion topic and key thing learned
  • SPKP: perhaps from an article, be specific