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Guides for value-chain development: A comparative review

This is the first chapter of the book. It is a comparative review of the guides for value-chain development. It gives a detailed introduction and background to the topic, guide selection and comparison – with guidelines for value-chain analysis and development reviewed, and parameters for the review of guides for value chain development. There is also an analysis of the results with objectives and outputs, key definitions of repeated and important concepts, conceptual methodology and frameworks, recommended methods and tools, monitoring and evaluation, recommendations for using this guide and a conclusion to the chapter.

Authors: Jason Donovan, Steve Franzel, Marcelo Cunha, Amos Gyau, Dagmar Mith? Fer, Jason Donovan, Steve Franzel, Marcelo Cunha, Amos Gyau, Dagmar Mith? Fer

Subjects: value-chain development

Pages: 28

Publisher: International Food Policy Research Institute

Publication Date: 2016

Identifier: ISBN 9780896292130

Keywords: guide selection and comparison, value-chain analysis, Value-chain development


Devaux, André, Maximo Torero, Jason Donovan, and Douglas E. Horton, eds. Innovation for inclusive value-chain development: Successes and challenges. Intl Food Policy Res Inst, 2016.