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HarvestPlus Nutrition Training Charts

This document is a chart format document on HarvestPlus Nutrition. The chart sheet is based on “A good mixed meal” with emphasis on the importance of having food from every group. The chart also emphasizes  the role of Vitamin A for health, immunity, vision especially in the night and growth and development, with an encouragement to eat orange-fleshed sweetpotato which is an accessible food rich in vitamin A. The chart also speaks about maternal nutrition and breastfeeding encouraging mothers to eat a balanced meal with plenty of drinks and have adequate rest so that they can breastfeed. There is also a section on infant and young child feeding at different life stages and what should be fed to the child at each stage. This section encourages parents to give children the right kind of food so that they can grow and develop properly. Nutrition and care for the sick child is also emphasized with encouragement to continue feeding a sick child with breastmilk, fluids and soft foods to quicken recovery from illness. The chart also encourages the practice of good hygiene practices to ward off diseases.


Harvestplus. A good mixed meal.