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HarvestPlus Reaching End Users – OSP Uganda Project: Promoting Production, Consumption, and Marketing of the Orange Sweet Potato Trainer’s guide

This training guide has been developed as a result of the need to promote adequate and effective acceptance, production, and consumption of vitamin A rich (orange) sweet potato in Uganda in order to address the widespread problem of Vitamin A deficiency (VAD). VAD largely affects children under the age of five years, along with pregnant and lactating mothers. Experiences from the two year HarvestPlus Reaching End Users Orange Sweet potato (OSP) Project in Uganda, that was implemented (2007-2009 June) under PRAPACE/ASARECA by a core implementation team in collaboration with two national NGOs – FADEP-EU and VEDCO operating in the districts of Bukedea, Kamuli and Mukono, were valuable inputs.


During the two years of project implementation in the field, training materials for each component – seed systems, nutrition and marketing / product development – were developed in full. However after during implementation there was substantial feedback from extension staff, agriculture and nutrition promoters and farmers/mothers that reflected on the need to modify the training package. As the training materials were re-visited, a downsized training package on orange sweet potato was developed where all three components were integrated and training topics prioritized. This is the revised manual.

Authors: Prossy Isubikalu, Sylvia Magezi, Charles Musoke, Harriet Nsubuga, Sam Namanda, Anna-Marie Ball, Prossy Isubikalu, Sylvia Magezi, Charles Musoke, Harriet Nsubuga, Sam Namanda, Anna-Marie Ball

Contributors: Shiphar Mulumba, Shiphar Mulumba

Subjects: Nutrition

Pages: 59

Publisher: Harvestplus

Publication Date: 2009

Keywords: HarvestPlus, OSp, OSP Uganda Project, Trainer's guide, Uganda