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HQU – Sweet Potato Virus Indexing Procedure – OP023

This standard procedure has been established based on current information for virus testing of sweetpotato germplasm, with the recognition that it will need to be revised as new information becomes available. The procedure includes symptomatology in sweetpotato plants grown in greenhouse (pots), as well as in Ipomoea setosa plants grafted with scions of the basal part of sweetpotato. Virus detection and identification is confirmed by serology with antisera available to known viruses. A second round of the process is usually carried out to confirm results.

Authors: International Potato Center , International Potato Center

Contributors: Segundo Fuentes, Segundo Fuentes

Subjects: Sweetpotato virus testing and indexing

Pages: 18

Publisher: International Potato Center (CIP)

Publication Date: November 13, 2012


Keywords: Virus indexing, Virus testing