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Impact of third-party enforcement of contracts in agricultural markets- a field experiment in Vietnam

Chapter 11 of the book is dedicated to assessing  the impact of third-party enforcement of contracts in agricultural markets with a case study of Vietnam. The chapter evaluates the Vietnamese dairy industry, a simple model of underinestment, experimental design and implementation, identification strategy and econometric estimation, the estimation results followed by a discussion on contamination,data.provision and incentive compatibility and the movement toward a first-based scenario in the supply chain 

Authors: Christoph Saenger, Maximo Torero, Matin Qaim, Christoph Saenger, Maximo Torero, Matin Qaim

Subjects: contracts in agricultural markets

Pages: 31

Publisher: International Food Policy Research Institute

Publication Date: 2016

Identifier: ISBN: 9780896292130

Keywords: Agricultural markets, Third party enforcement, Vietnam


Devaux, André, Maximo Torero, Jason Donovan, and Douglas E. Horton, eds. Innovation for inclusive value-chain development: Successes and challenges. Intl Food Policy Res Inst, 2016.