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Implementing CIP’s Vision: Impact targeting

This is a study on Implementing CIP’s Vision: Impact targeting. This study reports an updated targeting exercise to identify priority populations of the world for CIP’s commodity research, combining indicators of livelihood and the importance of the two crops of principal concern to CIP, potato and sweetpotato. Indicators of livelihood are determined by a composite of several factors – including income, nutritional status, and mortality rates of children and of mothers during pregnancy or childbirth – as reported by the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. The importance of each crop is estimated by production per capita. The exercise is applied to populations of nations and sub-national areas, to the extent that relevant data are available, as displayed by accompanying maps and tables.

Authors: Kelly Theisen, Graham Thiele, Kelly Theisen, Graham Thiele

Contributors: Administrator, Administrator

Subjects: Impact targeting

Pages: 31

Publisher: CIP

Publication Date: 2008

Identifier: ISSN 0256-8748

Rights: CIP publications contribute important development information to the public arena. Readers are encouraged to quote or reproduce material from them in their own publications. As copyright holder CIP requests acknowledgement, and a copy of the publication where the citation or material appears.

Keywords: CIP, Potato, Study papers, Sweetpotato


Theisen, K. and Thiele, G. 2008. Implementing CIP’s Vision: Impact targeting. International Potato Center (CIP), Lima, Peru. Social Sciences Working Paper 2008-4.24 p.