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Improved Food Crop Marketing through Appropriate Transport for Poor Farmers in Uganda

In order to achieve the project purpose “Strategies developed and promoted, which improve food security of poor households through increased availability and improved quality of food and better access to markets” the following outputs have been produced: • Capacity for Transport Forum Group offices to manage and backstop rural transport development research projects at national and regional level; • Knowledge and information on agricultural production, post-harvest and marketing, economics and technical aspects of IMTs and their use by poor farmers, and poor farmers’ livelihoods in three districts; • Best practices on promotion of validated means of transportation.


Identifier: DFID R8114 (ZB0294)



Authors: U. Kleih, C. Kaira, U. Kleih, C. Kaira

Subjects: Transport of food products

Pages: 71

Publisher: Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich

Publication Date: December 31, 2004

Keywords: Marketing, transport, Uganda