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Introduction of sweetpotato to in vitro culture – OP58

The establishment of tuber crops into in vitro culture requires the isolation of vegetative structures (explants) containing buds. Explants should be inoculated in vessels containing a nutritive substrate (culture medium) where buds will grow to became whole plantlets. For the case of sweetpotato, the preferred explant for in vitro culture is the apical or axilar bud of the stem. Because plant material may carry superficial contaminants, a surface sterilization process to eliminate microorganisms is conducted. Fungi and bacteria that are not adequately eliminated can grow and contaminate the culture media damaging the explants in culture. The procedure detailed in this document has been found to reduce contamination to less than 5% on plant material samples taken from potted plants.

Authors: International Potato Center , International Potato Center

Contributors: Segundo Fuentes, Segundo Fuentes

Subjects: In vitro micropropagation of sweetpotato

Pages: 6

Publisher: International Potato Center (CIP)

Publication Date: September 13, 2010

Keywords: In vitro micropropagation, Tissue culture