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Major Insects and Nematode Pests of Sweetpotato and Recommendations for Transfer of Pest Free Germplasm

Sweetpotato, a native of tropical America, is widely cultivated in the tropical and warm temperate climates. Although in these habitats a large number of nematode and insect pests are known to be associated with this crop, a few are of major importance to its cultivation. Similarly, some of these pests are associated with the planting material and can be transferred to other areas if the necessary precautions are not taken for their elimination prior to distribution of the germplasm. This brief, outlines the major nematode and insect pests of sweet potatoes found in Peru and those occurring elsewhere and recommendation for their elimination prior to the transfer of germplasm.

Authors: P. Jatala, K. V. Raman, P. Jatala, K. V. Raman

Contributors: Administrator, Administrator

Subjects: Crop Management

Pages: 3

Publisher: International Potato Center

Publication Date: 1987

Keywords: Insects-pest, Nematodes, Peru


Jatala, P. and Raman, K. 1987. Major insect and nematode pests of sweet potatoes and recommendations for transfer of pest free germplasm. In Int. Potato Center. Exploration, maintenance, and utilization of sweet potato genetic resources. Rep. First Sweet Potato Planning Conf (Vol. 1, pp. 319-321).