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Making high quality sweetpotato silage: an improved tube silage making method

Sweetpotato silage is a method for preserving vines and roots in a succulent condition in a silo. Well-made sweetpotato silage is a wholesome and nutritious feed for all classes of cattle and pigs. Sweetpotato silage is made by fermenting chopped vines and roots of non-commercial value in the absence of air and can be stored for up to a year. Its protein content and digestibility makes it an excellent complement to grass feeds. This brochure describes an improved method for making sweetpotato silage in a plastic tube.

Authors: International Potato Center, International Potato Center

Subjects: Sweetpotato-Based Cattle Feed

Pages: 12

Publisher: International Potato Center

Publication Date: 2012

Keywords: Livestock feed, Sweetpotato silage