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Minimum Dietary Diversity for Women – A Guide to Measurement

The Minimum Dietary Diversity for WRA (MDD-W) indicator defined and described in this document is a food group diversity indicator that has been shown to reflect one key dimension of diet quality: micronutrient adequacy, summarised across 11 micronutrients (Martin-Prével et al., 2015). The indicator constitutes an important step towards filling the need for indicators for use in national and subnational assessments. Such indicators must be relatively simple to collect and suitable for large

Authors: FAO, FHI 360, FAO, FHI 360

Contributors: Srini Rajendran, Srini Rajendran

Pages: 82

Publisher: the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and USAID’s Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance III Project (FANTA), managed by FHI 360

Publication Date: 2016

Identifier: ISBN 978-92-5-109153-1 (FAO)

Rights: Attribution - Non-commercial

Keywords: Dietary diversity, impact assessment, Measurement, Research


FAO and FHI 360. 2016. Minimum Dietary Diversity for Women: A Guide for Measurement. Rome: FAO.