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Operational Planning Workshop Report, Nigeria

The Operational Planning workshop was a follow up to the Advocacy Analysis Workshop held in May 2012. The proceedings of the Workshop were carried out through plenary discussions and breakout sessions as well as presentation of group work. The workshop objectives were to:

  1. Present the draft OFSP advocacy strategy to advocates and stakeholders.
  2. Gather feedback, clarifications and inputs from advocates on the OFSP advocacy strategy.
  3. Reach agreement on the OFSP advocacy strategy and
  4. Clarify the role of advocates and stakeholders in the operationalization of the OFSP advocacy strategy


In the introductory session handled by the RAC Consultant/Facilitator, the participants wrote out their workshop expectations which include consolidating on the knowledge of OFSP, negative effects of Vitamin A Deficiency, work plan towards achieving the objectives of the RAC Project, acquisition of more knowledge on advocacy strategies for the implementation of RAC project, Advocacy on Training of trainers, Advocates should have a focus for their states, a timeline chart for the implementation of different activities among others.