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Poster 2: Where We Are, and What We Expect to Achieve with OFSP Puree Processing and Storage at Organi in Western Kenya

The introduction of commercialized OFSP production has led to more acreages of land being put under sweetpotato production to meet the ever rising demand for OFSP fresh roots. The accelerated production has in most cases resulted in a lot of post-harvest losses given the poor storage mechanisms at the farm level. This has necessitated setting up of several agro-processing firms in most OFSP root growing zones in western Kenya. Processing has not only minimized postharvest losses but has also enhanced organoleptic aspects through a broad range of OFSP rich products. Organi limited has been one of such agro-processors. Fresh roots are procured from farmers and processed into high fiber puree. CIP has also developed mechanisms for puree storage to avert/slow down any microbial spoilage of the products after processing.


  1. Increased production volume to meet puree demand through the purchase of more efficient equipment such as high fiber puree machine. The increased labor force has also been instrumental in achieving this.
  2. Better logistics planning for delivery of puree to the market. The puree is currently delivered in bulk using a truck as opposed to the initial use of public means which not only limited volumes but also compromised food safety.
  3. Better puree storage equipment. The number of freezers has currently increased from 2 in 2015 to 6. Puree storage room has been constructed as well, following successful preservative trials by CIP. The piloting phase of the puree storage is almost coming to completion.


The OFSP puree processing promises a brighter future for low-income earners from western Kenya. Efforts are being made to expand production further.

Subjects: MPU CoP


Publication Date: 2017

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Keywords: Kenya, OFSP puree, Organi Ltd, SUSTAIN