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Preliminary results of the heterosis trial in Mozambique with clones derived from Ugandan inter- and intra- gene pool crosses

The main objective of this presentation was:

To demonstrate family means for inter genepool crosses 8A x 8B (64 families) and intra-genepool crosses 8A x 8A (n * n-1) / 2 = 24 families) as well as intra-genepool crosses 8B x 8B (n * n-1) / 2 = 24 families) under drought stress conditions – with other word heterosis increments under drought stress conditions.

Authors: Godwill Makunde, Wolfgang Gruneberg, Raul Eyzaguirre, Godwill Makunde, Wolfgang Gruneberg, Raul Eyzaguirre, [63], [63]

Contributors: Luka Wanjohi, Luka Wanjohi

Subjects: Breeding


Publisher: CIP

Publication Date: June2015

Keywords: clones, heterosis, Mozambique, SASHA