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Preparation of cultivation media – OP74

The use of an specific culture medium depends on the in vitro culture objective. In general, the media must contain a carbon source, minerals nutriments, vitamins, gelling agent (for semisolid media), growth regulators substances and other components as antioxidant substances for example. The preparation of culture medium is a critical step for the success of the in vitro culture. It is therefore necessary to use reagents with a high quality of purity and bis-distill water or demineralized-distill water. The procedure for preparation the culture media depends on the type of medium (semi-solid or liquid) and the presence of thermo-labil components. SCOPE Printed copies are not controlled. page 2 of 31 The procedure covers the preparation of culture media used by IVU for any in vitro culture activity for the conservation and distribution of potato and sweetpotato germplasm.

Authors: International Potato Center , International Potato Center

Contributors: Segundo Fuentes, Segundo Fuentes

Subjects: In Vitro Micropropagation

Pages: 31

Publisher: International Potato Center (CIP)

Publication Date: September 20, 2010

Keywords: In vitro micropropagation, Tissue culture