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Presentation: Key Advances in Breeding Methodologies during Phase 1

This presentation outlines important advances in breeding methodologies to achieve ‘‘the better variety’’ that is variety with overall good traits. A major challenge in sweetpotato breeding is to achieve high heterozygosity for desired traits. Selection of parents for new population by considering Poly-cross Vs controlled crosses breeding are time consuming. The Accelerated Breeding Scheme (ABS) on other hand is fast resulting in accelerated variety releases in sub Saharan Africa (SSA). The three levels to investigating ABS efficiency, overview of ploycross versus controlled cross breeding are described and heterosis increments are as well described. It concludes with overview of advances in breeding methods via molecular tools and varieties released since 1994 within sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).


Grüneberg, W. 2014. Key Advances in Breeding Methodologies during Phase 1. International Potato Center (CIP).