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Presentation: Improved Tools for Breeders: Clone Selector & AccuData Log

This presentation talks about Clone selector (CS) a tool developed to aid breeders in field trials, data analysis and selection decision. The clone selector has unique features such as being open source with MS excel and R statistical package, designed for single and multiple field trial locations, generate field book for individual experiment, and offer data management for breeders and non-breeders. The current CS version 3.0 poses above features. However, there are ongoing activities to integrate Elston and Pesek Baker Index, and AccuDataLog (mobile field book application) with Zebra barcoding. The AccuDataLog is available in Windows and Android platforms and enter trial data into CS field book while in field. In conclusion, the AccuDataLog main features are highlighted along its challenge of limited informatics support in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).


Wanjohi, L. 2014. Improved Tools for Breeders: Clone Selector & AccuDataLog. International Potato Center (CIP).