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Presentation: Getting started with Nutritious Sweetpotato For Niassa

This presentation details progress of initial introduction of Orange fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) in Niassa region. Briefly, donor interest was driven by strong political will, ideal agro-ecological conditions and interest to integrate OFSP into already existing initiatives. The main aim of OFSP introduction is to contribute to efforts of realizing food security and no Vitamin A deficiency through bio-fortified crops. This initiative bore nine varieties of desired traits, on farm trials (OFT) installations, increased vine multiplication via net tunnels, SP production and processing. Overall this initiative created prospects for local small holders.


Rakotoarisoa, B., Andrade, M., Naico, A. and Low, J. 2013. Getting started with Nutritious Sweetpotato For Niassa. International Potato Center (CIP).