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Present Status and Future Research in Sweetpotato in Indonesia

In Indonesia, sweetpotato is considered an important food crop. However, its total harvested area and productivity indicate that development of the crop is relatively stagnant or declining. Research priority given to sweetpotato is lower than rice and other food crops. In Indonesia, government research institutions and universities carry out research on sweetpotato, but the Research Institute for Legume and Tuber crops (RILET) in Malang, East Java, is the only research institute that formally holds the mandate for sweetpotato research. In this paper, researches on crop improvement, crop management, pest and disease management, post harvest and socio-economic aspects, are reviewed and used as the basic knowledge to formulate future directions for sweetpotato research in Indonesia. The future researches identified in this study include breeding for specific uses or specific traits, development of effective and efficient production technology, development of postharvest technology, and marketing studies.

Authors: Nasir Saleh , Koes Hartojo , Nasir Saleh , Koes Hartojo

Subjects: Status of Sweetpotato Research

Pages: 19

Publication Date: 2003

Keywords: Indonesia, Sweetpotato research


Saleh, N. and Hartojo, K., 2003. 14. Present status and future research in sweetpotato in Indonesia.