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Present Status of Sweetpotato Breeding for Eastern and Southern Africa: Chapter 1

This book chapter provides an overview of the status of sweetpotato breeding in eastern and southern Africa. It covers the main constraitns to the crop, previous breeding efforts and the lessons learned from these efforts, current breeding approaches and results.

Authors: Regina Kapinga, Ted Carey, Regina Kapinga, Ted Carey

Subjects: Status of Sweetpotato Research


Publisher: Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich

Publication Date: 2013

Keywords: East Africa, Southern Africa, Sweetpotato research


Kapinga, R.E. and Carey, E.E., 2003. Present status of sweetpotato breeding for eastern and southern Africa. Sweetpotato post-harvest Assessment. Experiences from East Africa. Chatham, United Kingdom. NRI/CPHP/DFID/CIP/Ministry of Agriculture. Natural Resources Institute: The University of Greenwich. ISBN 0, 859554(548), p.2. Vancouver