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Presentation 18: Soaring the visible traits: How branded outlets have changed Orange Sweetpotato markets in Uganda

While brand visibility is known to increase sales and market share of products, its impact on fresh agriculture markets has not been fully understood in Uganda. HarvestPlus in 2016 established 32 point of sale areas (PoS) and 9 High way Point of Sale (HPoS) along major road highways to bolster sales of fresh Orange Sweet Potato (OSP). The PoS are connected to major farming groups to ensure steady supply of OSP roots to consumers. The outlets are branded in orange colour to project the colour of Orange sweetpotato. Traders manning the outlets provide valuable nutrition information about vitamin A and varieties available. The strategy is increasing reach to thousands not targeted by the project. For the high ways points, orange tents and kiosks are placed where visibility is clear from a distance.   In addition, the tents provide shade to sweetpotatos reducing direct sunshine that affect shelf-life of the product.  Available data indicate a significant boast in sales along major highway points by 100% for both OSP and white sweetpotato and still growing. The drastic increase in sales is linked to positioning and improved visibility of the points, appealing to the buyer from a distance.  Using the current successes, more points are planned along highways and selling of planting materials during rainy season.  In doing so, more people will be reached through the markets while addressing constraints of product accessibility.   The drive will increase market share of OSP while appealing to travelers along major roads and markets.


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Authors: Jude Asiimwe Kagoro

Subjects: MPU CoP


Publication Date: 2017

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Keywords: branding, HarvestPlus, OFSP, Uganda