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Procedures for the Evaluation of Sweetpotato Trials

Sweetpotato Research Guides (SPRGs) This document describes technologies that have been developed and used by CIP in cooperation with national agriculture research programs to promote research and the exchange of information among sweetpotato scientists. Procedures and forms for data collection described here are now being used in integrated electronic tools such as Highly Interactive Data Analysis Platform for Breeding (HIDAP) and Sweetpotato base for the design of trials, and collection, archiving and analysis of data.

Authors: Wolfgang Gruneberg, Raul Eyzaguirre, Federico Diaz, Bert De Boeck, Jorge Espinoza, Robert Mwanga, Jolien Swanckaert, Harrison Dapaah, Maria Andrade, Godwill Makunde, Silver Tumwegamire, Sammy Agili, FELISTUS CHIPUNGU, Sreekanth Attaluri, Regina Kapinga, Tinh Nguyen, Xie Kaiyung, Koko Tjintokohadi, Reuben SSALI, Ted Carey, Jan W. Low

Subjects: Breeding, Protocals

Pages: 86

Publisher: International Potato Center

Publication Date: May 14, 2019

Identifier: ISBN:978-92-9060-522-5

Keywords: Breeding, Manual


Grüneberg, W.J.; Eyzaguirre, R.; Diaz, F.; Boeck, B. de; Espinoza, J.; Mwanga, R.O.M.; Swanckaert, J.; Dapaah, H.; Andrade, M.; Makunde, G.; Tumwegamire, S.; Agili, S.; Ndingo‐Chipungu, F.P.; Attaluri, S.; Kapinga, R.; Nguyen, T.; Kaiyung, X.; Tjintokohadi, K.; Ssali, R.T.; Carey, T. Low, J. 2019. Procedures for the evaluation of sweetpotato trials. Manual. Lima (Peru). International Potato Center (CIP) ISBN: 978‐92‐9060‐522‐5. 77p.