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Progress Presentation 7: Tigrai Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) – Ethiopia

Tigray Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) achieved 26.6% of the targeted 30,000 greenhouse production and 18% of the targeted 600,000 net tunnel production. The greatest challenge was lack of electricity to maintain the laboratory, which adversely affected all production plans due to loss of the tissue culture plantlets.


Due to these problems, the available material was maintained in the greenhouse for open field multiplication.  Implementation of the business plan has commenced; it is noteworthy that that institutions now understand that TARI is producing planting materials for sale which has resulted in orders of 320,000 cuttings and revenue of 118,400 Birr. TARI is planning to start producing basic seed; and has one hectare, which will be distributed to other seed multipliers. The area under production will be increased with demand.