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Progress Presentation 8: KEPHIS-Kenya

The focus is on pre-basic seed in two screen houses; there are 5,600 plants of four varieties, Kabode, Vitaa, and farmer-preferred Chebolol and Kenspot 1. From June to November 2016, KEPHIS sold 540 cuttings for Ksh. 27,000. The revolving fund committee approved the use of 20% of these funds to cover production inputs between August and December 2016. New developments include training of vines using wires on benches, and reduction of tissue culture multiplication while increasing screen house multiplication to cut down on costs. Achievements include re-accreditation of the virus testing lab and successful hosting of the International Phytosanitary Conference.  Furthermore, a stakeholders meeting helped to generate feedback about the seed certification standards, which have been taken into account in the standards review and finalization.