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Quality Diets for Better Health: Healthy Living Clubs Curriculum

A Manual for Health Extension Workers and PIN Community Facilitators (Toolkit)
This curriculum was designed by Emory University as part of the EU financed “Quality Diets for Better Health” project. Presents the programme for nine sessions on OFSOP production, vitamin A, nutrition, complementary feeding and the use of OFSP for the so-called “Healthy Living Clubs”. These clubs cover households with pregnant women and children under about 15 months old who can benefit most of these trainings. The curriculum is rolled out in three woredas (districts) in SNNPR in Ethiopia. The HLC sessions are facilitated by trained volunteers who are member of the so-called Health Development Army. By the end of the project (June 2021), 15,000 households (fathers and mothers) are expected to have been trained with this curriculum.

Authors: Emma Waugh, Emily Faerber, Amy Webb Girard

Subjects: A Manual for HEW/PIN Community Facilitators

Pages: 49

Publication Date: February 18, 2019

Keywords: Ethiopia, Healthy Living Clubs, Nutrition, toolkit