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Workshop Report for the Second Sweetpotato Support Platform Meeting for East and Central Africa held at Metropole Hotel, Kampala, Uganda – December 15, 2010

Background and objectives

Sweetpotato Action for Security and Health for Africa (SASHA) project is a five year intervention of the wider 10 year vision under the Sweetpotato for Profit and Heath Initiative (SPHI). Under SASHA, three sub-regional support platforms, based in countries with strong sweetpotato national research and development programs, were established to provide the organizational and management structure for developing long-term breeding skills and capacity in Africa, for Africa. They are located in each of three sub-regions: Ghana, for West Africa; Mozambique, for Southern Africa; and Uganda, for East and Central Africa. Each year, the platforms hold two stakeholder meetings with the view to update the stakeholders on the progress of the project activities and to obtain their contribution. The meetings are also seen as an avenue to conduct relevant trainings on specific areas of sweetpotato breeding, hence serving a capacity building function to the stakeholders. For this particular meeting, the agenda, and list of the participants are presented in annexes 1 and  2, respectively.