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Report on bio-fortification and thematic areas of Building Nutritious Food Baskets Project, Nigeria

This situation analysis employed multiple approaches. Data collection was in two phases. The first stage involved a desk review and content analysis of several documents in which preliminary answers to the specific objectives of the situation analysis were identified. The output from that was a report with preliminary conclusions to be tested during the field visits. The second phase involved field visits and consultations with relevant stakeholders. The main instruments for data collection were questionnaires, a focus group discussion guide and a key informant interview guide. In all, 420 farmers and 735 consumers were systematically and randomly selected to participate in the situation analysis. Qualitative and quantitative techniques were employed in the data analysis. The data collected through the questionnaire were analyzed statistically by relevant descriptive statistics including frequency, percentage, mean, median and cross-tabulation. All data were analyzed with SPSS. The specific objectives of situation analysis were to:  Use available data and other information to accurately identify the key actors in scaling up biofortified crops and the trends and patterns of consumption of biofortified crops and their products, disaggregated by relevant segments of the country and of the population;  Identify and analyze the barriers and bottlenecks that prevent disadvantaged groups from accessing and benefiting from biofortification, including the social, political and economic conditions that result in shortfalls in the creation of an enabling environment for the scaling up of biofortification;  Assess the current investment pattern in biofortification and the main donors to approach to unlock increased investments in biofortification;  Analyze the extent to which biofortification is prioritized in national policies, law, strategies, plans and budgets;

Authors: Olapeju Phorbee, Andrew oOnuemele, Kellen Kebaara

Contributors: Joyce Maru

Pages: 62

Publication Date: December 06, 2017


Phorbee, O.; Mulongo, G.; Njoku, N.; Maru, J.; Munyua, H. 2017. Baseline report on biofortification and thematic areasof Building Nutritious Food Baskets Project, Nigeria. Nairobi (Kenya). International Potato Center (CIP). ISBN 978-92-9060-484-6. 60 p.