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Report Stakeholders Consultation Workshop Growing Project August 2022

The Generating Revenues & Opportunities for Women to Improve Nutrition in Ghana (GROWING) is an integrated climate-smart, nutrition-agriculture-marketing project focusing on transforming the individual agencies of women, thus creating an enabling environment and appropriate practices to address key gender inequities to ensure more equitable outcomes. As part of the participatory planning and implementation processes, the GROWING project facilitated the stakeholders’ consultative workshop during Aug 1-4, 2022 in Tamale, Ghana. Accordingly, 41 key participants (17 women) representing main stakeholders and implementing partners have been identified and attended the workshop. These key partners encompass Ghana Health Services (GHS) (national, regional and district levels), Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) (national, regional and district levels), the Women in Agriculture Development Directorate (WIAD) (which is
part of MOFA), University of Development Studies (UDS) (key staff from the departments of nutrition, behavioral studies and agricultural economics and business), private actors (a cavy rearing young man and a sweetpotato vine multiplier) and an environmental consultant.