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Poster: Screening South African sweet potato cultivars for resistance to root-knot nematodes

Plant parasitic nematodes, especially Meloidogyne species are considered to be the most important nematodes affecting sweet potato production worldwide. In South Africa a 6% loss, South America 15% and West Africa 24% loss is attributed to Meloidogyne spp.(Sasser 1979;Kleynhans,1991). South Africa does not have adequate empirically-based data on damage caused by root-knot nematodes on most popular South African sweet potato cultivars,except for Blesbok,which was found to be highly susceptible to M. incognita (Kleynhans, 1991). Therefore, the objective of this project was to screen the most important South African sweet potato cultivars for host-status of three Meloidogyne species prevalent in South Africa.

Authors: Kgabo Pofu, Phatu Mashela, Sunette Laurie, Dean Oelofse

Contributors: Administrator

Pages: 1

Publication Date: September 4, 2017

Identifier: root-knot nematodes

Keywords: root-knot nematodes