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Presentation: Seed Farmer Market Consumer, SeFaMaCo

Antony Masinde explained the SeFaMaCo model that is meant to connect the players from the seed level to the farmer, market and consumer level. He outlined the progress made by the project, which is entitled ‘Integrated value chain development and smallholder farmer commercialization of banana and sweetpotato for Tanzania, Uganda & Ethiopia based on a Seed-Farmer-Market-Consumer Model’. The presentation focussed on work done in breeding to develop improved varieties and access to clean planting material; move smallholder farmers from subsistence to commercial production; create efficiency in informal markets and other markets; and promote an agri-investment network.

Authors: Antony Masinde, Stanley Mwangi, Antony Masinde, Stanley Mwangi

Contributors: Antony Masinde, Antony Masinde

Subjects: commercialization, marketing

Pages: 20

Publisher: Farm Concern International

Publication Date: October 1, 2015

Keywords: Commercialization, Marketing, SeFaMaCo


Mwangi, S. and Masinde, A. 2015. Seed Farmer Market Consumer, SeFaMaCo. Farm concern International.