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Seed Potato Tuber Production and Dissemination: Experiences, Challenges and Prospects

This book documents workshop papers covering the following topics: General papers, rapid multiplication techniques, seed agronomy, participatory seed potato production, crop protection, and socio-economic aspects. Most papers originated from studies in Ethiopia, while about three dealt with aspects of potato production in Eastern Africa and Kenya. Given the fact that farmer access to quality seed still constitutes the main bottleneck to increased potato productivity in Ethiopia and the region in general, the main thrust is on seed potatoes; presenting and discussing research and development topics covering the entire seed potato value chain. This book contains collected and analyzed potato seed research information, and provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of the current state of seed potato production. It presents recent research findings, describes ongoing development activities, and outlines future directions for potato, especially seed potato, research and development in Ethiopia and the region. It is also believed to benefit development actors engaged in the promotion of the crops.

Authors: Gebremedhin Woldegiorgis, Baye Berihun, Steffen Schulz, Gebremedhin Woldegiorgis, Baye Berihun, Steffen Schulz

Contributors: [152], [152]

Pages: 338

Publisher: Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research

Publication Date: 2013

Identifier: ISBN: 978-99944-53-87-x

Keywords: crop protection, Ethiopia, Kenya, Participatory seed potato production, Rapid multiplication, Seed agronomy, Social economic


Woldegiorgis, G.; Schulz, S.; Berihun, B. (eds.). 2013. Seed potato tuber production and dissemination, experiences, challenges and prospects: Proceedings. National Workshop on Seed Potato Tuber Production and Dissemination. Bahir Dar (Ethiopia). 12-14 Mar 2012. (Ethiopia). Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) Amhara Regional Agricultural Research Institute (ARARI) International Potato Center (CIP). ISBN 978-99944-53-87-x. 338 p.